Who are we?

Our story begins in 2006 and runs through hundreds of clients that shared a journey with us.
Since its founding on 2006, Dice Marketing worked with the leading companies, NPOs and brands in the market.
We have an extensive and unique experience as well as comprehensive understanding of the B2C and B2B markets, be it in the cultural, commercial or political spheres. We offer our clients outsource marketing services.
The marketing world is changing every week. We know how to listen through the buzzwords and find the most fitting solution for your needs.


What we offer?

We offer our clients a 360 degrees aimed to encourage clients to operate according to the business goals. Our know-how combines all aspects of marketing. We have rice experience in strategy and execution, combining our knowledge with planning, measurement, development and design.

Our satisfied clients arrive from a wide array of fields: music and culture, consumers, retail, hi-tech, politics and governmental offices or NGOs.

360 Degrees of Marketing
A 360 view of your marketing needs
Story Driven Marketing
Finding the right story for your audience and knowing how to tell it
Tailored Made Solutions
Precise combination of knowledge, expertise and the ability to perform at all levels: content, design, characterization and development

Our Services

Planning and Strategy
Creating and overall marketing strategy that includes target audience analysis, consumer journey, messaging, media mix and execution

Social Media Optimization
Management of client’s social media platforms, as well as community management

Content Marketing
Content is part of our life. We specialize in creating tailored-made content, suitable to client’s needs. We create content suitable to different platforms, be it video, text or audio.

PPC, Media and Remarketing
Every campaign requires reaching out to our target audience through outbound marketing. We specialize in media buy and management of advertisment channel. We offer optimization, lead oriented campaign, remarketing and data-driven approach, as part of our routine

Search enigne optimization, both On-Site and Off-site. Optimizing your content, creating rich search engine oriented content

Graphic Design and Branding
We have founded Rimon Studio, our seasoned graphic studio. Its extensive experience spans over print, web, apps and 360 branding services. We provide constant graphic design services to a variery of clients, bringing in our knowledge and expertise

UI, UX and Development
Web, apps and games development are part of Rimon Studio’s daily routine. Exact UI and rich UX its vision. The projects we have made serve hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide

Games and Gamification
Our partner, Rimon Studio, offers gamification and design and development of games


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